Covid-19 Testing Mobile and Vaccine transportation

The Covid Test Solution that

comes to you! 

Appointments on your schedule

Fast and accurate Covid Testing from the comfort of your own home or office.

We will be there within 2 hours


Test Results within 24 hours of test.

We care about your health  

Our business concept grew out of a community that needed rapid and accurate Covid-19 testing results available in the Boston area. By combining our passion for health, our reliability, and our team of medical professionals we were able to create just that. A mobile testing lab that dedicates itself to delivering Covid-19 test results when you need them at a convenient location   


Appointments on your schedule


No waiting in line or in crowded and unsafe waiting rooms

Rest easy we bring the lab to you

Save time and risk of a trip to a doctor

Get tested and receive results within 24 hours

24/7 Booking at your convenience

Fast, Convenient, and Accurate Results  

You know the importance of accurate Covid-19 testing, we should not put our lives in greater risk over a test, this should also not eat into our personal or work time, and be such a great inconvenience to our lives. Outside the Box mobile Lab on site Covid-19 testing assures safe, quick, and accurate testing, plus we come to you. No waiting, no increased risk, just fast and convenient accurate testing.  

Trained Medical  Procedures

Outside the Box Healthcare essential workers are trained in all necessary medical precautions including proper use and disposal of PCR, testing protocols, correct medical procedures for nasal swabbing, and proper guidelines for calibrating testing equipment, performing tests and interpreting results. 

   They also: 

  • Undergo consistent testing to ensure that they are not COVID-19 positive
  • Are equipped with real live tracking devices that allow you to know where they are and when they will arrive
  • Understand the importance of your privacy and safety
  • DPV is a CLIA Certified Lab.

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